An Irish Village

Monday, September 05, 2011


Professor James Kelly, the head of the history department in Saint Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (a college of DCU), will launch Chris Lawlor’s new book entitled An Irish village: Dunlavin, County Wicklow in Rathsallagh Golf Club at 8 p.m. on Friday 23 September.

The new book traces the history of the Dunlavin region from earliest times to the present day, but this groundbreaking study is more than the history of a single County Wicklow village and its communities over time. It is, in fact, the history of a whole nation in microcosm. This book explores the impact of national events on a specific locality. In its pages you will read of Celtic warriors, Viking raiders, Norman conquerors, English settlers, improving landlords, liberal loyalists, subversive radicals, rebellions, mass political movements, the Tithe War, the Great Famine, the Land War, political upheavals, social change and economic developments – all viewed through the prism of one village and its environs. The book locates the Dunlavin region within the larger framework of Irish history. It is both an invaluable case study and a work of reference with wider significance, which will appeal to all Irish history enthusiasts, particularly those with an interest in the Wicklow-Kildare region, and will also be of interest to professional Irish historians. Chris’s work has already drawn praise from the Irish academic community, with three history professors speaking very highly of the new book on Dunlavin.

Local people and everyone with a Dunlavin connection may find references to their ancestors in the appendices in the book, which will include all Church of Ireland baptisms in Dunlavin during the 18th century, all households subject to the payment of tithe in Dunlavin parish in 1823, all landholders in Dunlavin parish in 1854 and all householders in Dunlavin from both the 1901 and 1911 censuses, in addition to many other appendices. There is a limited print run, so people should attend the launch night in Rathsallagh Golf Club in order to avoid disappointment later! Books will be on sale at the launch at a specially reduced rate and everybody is welcome on the night. Everybody welcome... hope to see you there on the night!